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TCLC believes that families are the prime educators and advocates for their children. We encourage and support your active participation in all aspects of the program. We recognize that each child and family is unique and that an individualized approach is the best way to meet those specific needs. At TCLC, we strive to create an environment where differences are accepted and valued.The Children’s Learning Center is an educational program that builds and enhances language skills, self-esteem, creativity and respect. We focus on activities that promote independent play, self control and assist in school readiness. TCLC also works with Early Intervention to meet the needs of children with disabilities.

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Sing Talk- Ages 0-5

Instead of talking as usual, try singing in a different voice. For example, it is very funny to sing about getting dressed. Sing “I am sliding on my shirt, jumping in my pants” in a low voice. You and your child can use familiar tunes and make up your own words!

*When you are having fun, it is likely your child will be having fun too. When you put new words into tunes and describe what you are doing, you are helping your child make new and unusual connections. These types of connections promote creativity.

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